Take your time learning about firearm ownership

One of our main goals at Hole in the Wall is to take the fear out of firearms. The first step is learning to use a gun properly. Our gun classes will help you learn how to shoot safely and accurately. Once you've learned the basics, you can explore the many hobbies and recreational activities that use firearms. You can also get a shooting range membership.

We want you to feel comfortable at Hole in the Wall. You can use the indoor shooting range and try out one of our rental guns whenever you're ready. Visit us in Kennewick, WA today.

Learn why you should choose our shooting range

Interested in visiting a shooting range? Our ten lanes are well-equipped with everything you need to become a more confident, accurate shooter. We're the place in Kennewick, WA to:

  • Sign up for gun classes
  • Practice your skills at the shooting range
  • Ask any of your gun-related questions
Call 509-783-1111 or stop by our shooting range today!

Shoot and Study Guns With Us

Hone your skills by taking a gun class in Kennewick, WA

Did you recently purchase a gun? Learn how to use it responsibly with help from our team. Hole in the Wall proudly offers gun classes for beginners and more advanced shooters. You can sign up to learn from a certified instructor about handguns or carbines. We'll cover a range of topics, including:

  • General safety and cleaning
  • Shooting grips and stance
  • Trigger and recoil management
And that's just the start of what we'll teach you. Please note that topics may vary depending on the class you sign up for. To learn more about our gun classes, call 509-783-1111 today to speak with a friendly staff member.