1. Drug and Alcohol use strictly prohibited.

2. Eye and Ear Protection must be worn at all times while in range.

3. Gun muzzle must be pointed down range at all times and never higher than target.

4. Only one person may fire from a booth at one time.

5. Never go in front of firing line (Range Booth) NO EXEPTION! If target falls, ask for assistance.

6. No food or beverages allowed in range.

7. You may keep your own Brass. All other brass is property of range.

8. When entering range though air lock open and close, ONE door at a time. Do not leave both doors open.

9. Obey all instructions from range employees.

10. When entering store, all handguns must be cased or holstered. Long guns must have chamber open.

11. Prohibited Ammunition: No Armor Piercing, Incendiary, or Tracers may be used. If used and fire started I agree to pay for all damages and repair costs.

12. Un-aimed and Uncontrolled Fire is strictly prohibited. This includes intentional fire at non target objects and uncontrolled rapid fire. Never shoot higher than target, any rounds striking target carriers or overhead baffles may result in Fines to repair Damage (minimum $50). Always tape target below target line on cardboard DO NOT USE CLIPS TO HOLD TARGETS!

Waiver must be filled out upon arrival