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First time going to a gun range as I am a new gun owner. Walked in and the gentleman asked what he could help me with and I told him I would like to shoot. He said just fill out the form. I filled out the form and told him that I had never been there before and how it all works. He politely explained it to me. After my time shooting, I asked the same gentleman a question about my gun and how my shots were always to one side of the target and how can I fix the sights. He explained that it was not the gun and that it was me and what I was probably doing. What he explained made total sense. Looking forward to coming back to see if I can correct it.

Only thing I wish they could do is have a table or something to put ones items on inside the range as there are only a couple chairs.

Other than that I have no complaints. Definitely coming back. Thank You for a pleasant experience.

Brian K

Service is good when not busy, normally understaffed. Overall a fantastic place to go for ALL of your firearm needs! Even an indoor shooting range that's not overly expensive!

Cody B

I love this place. Any time I have a question they have the answer. And they have a great selection of AR 15 parts for your own build. And the knowledge to show you how to use it right. The staff has gone above and beyond multiple times just to make sure I was going to be safe. And I like there new gun Smith he seems like a real badass.

J Mac

They were very helpful and professional. Took lots of time to help me find the right firearm. The firearm safety classes and shooting range are extremely helpful. The instructor was thorough and easy to learn from. The class time flew by. I feel like I have the confidence to handle my firearm safely now. Well worth the time and money!

Kris M

very good place

Ken L

Went here to use the range, loved it. Great ventilation, very well lit, affordable prices for targets and they provide tape as well. They gave me a military veteran discount with proof of service. I normally only go to rangers during the week to avoid the crowds. I'll be back during the winter months.

Chris K

Nick , he is an awesome gun technician


This place is awesome. Has a full range. Good selection of firearms. The staff is knowledgeable and asks you what are you looking for / want rather then pushing there ideal gun on you. Like other shops do.

They take the time to help you with each firearm you want to see. I looked at a few just to make sure i wanted the gun i originally saw on there online store.

The staff there are gun guys not walmart employees that hate life. They actually know what there doing which is nice.

Edward S

Convenient facility for target practice

Gene W

I've been doing business with Hole In the Wall for over 30 years.
I've purchased countless firearms and even consigned several over those three decades.
For those complaining about rude or unfriendly staff...you must've gone in while they were very busy or when someone was having a bad day (still not an excuse for poor customer service).
Scott won't put up with rudeness behind the counter.
The days of the 'Good ol' boy' attitude are long gone.
The current staff are knowledgeable and helpful whether you're there to buy or you're just looking.
If you go in to use the range and maybe rent some guns to shoot you'll find the staff helpful and knowledgeable in that area as well.
They even offer firearm training classes that include actual shooting.
Feel free to ask all the questions you need to ask. They would rather you ask them n00b questions so you know what you're doing and you don't make n00b mistakes.
As I said, I've been doing business with them for 30+ years and will continue to do so until I can't shoot anymore.

Paranoid Geeks

These guys know their stuff. I have found them to be very helpful. They didn't give me a hard time when I first started for my lack of firearm knowledge and experience. They don't sugarcoat stuff, and if you asks them a question, they'll give you a straightforward and honest answer. Great shooting lanes. I highly recommend them.

Lee L

Never had any issues with staff they've always been very helpful and friendly ..

Curtis B

Like stopping in here, great that you don't get harassed as soon as you walk in the door. Free to browse around and when you are ready for some help or to ask a question, you get good, straightforward answers. Also nice that though the folks there are pretty well versed they do not seem to be the 'I know everything and your experiences or opinions are meaningless" sort. Sometimes their ammo selection is a tad weak but come back in a few days and usually it is stocked again.


This was my first time at Hole in the Wall and my husbands too!! We went just to fire some rounds! We thought it was a great experience and the price was right. The guys were very polite and knowledgeable and the rules are laid out very well for you. Great overall experience, thank you Hole in the Wall!

Happy Client

Like others have said, don't expect to be waited on hand and foot as soon as you walk in the door. It' s not a ladies shoe store. BUT, if you ask questions, they are very helpful. Whether the prices are "good" or not depends on what you're looking for. I personally like the indoor range and the fact that you can rent a wide variety of guns there to try out before you invest in one. This is a fantastic service. I took one of my brothers there a few months ago to try an XD compact. He could have swore he wanted a 9mm but after he shot a few of the available pistols, he decided the .45 was more accurate.
I also like the gunsmith they have right now, mostly because he's very knowledgeable about AK platform weapons, which I have too many of. Damn you cheap spam can ammo!

Paul V

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